Craft Mobile Extra Care

Extra Care for Vattenfall customers

We always try to tailor our service to our customers’ individual needs, and understand that your circumstances can change over time. If you need extra support or have special requirements, you may be able to join our Priority Service Register, which we call Extra Care.

Extra Care is for customers with additional requirements that we need to be aware of. It helps make sure we offer the best individual service we can. These additional requirements could be communication needs, such as large font documents if you’re visually impaired. Or, you may be in a vulnerable situation and at higher risk if there was an interruption in your heat supply due, for example, to a medical condition.

If you feel you could benefit from being on our Priority Services Register, please complete our online contact form, choosing 'Priority Services Register' as the subject, or contact our customer care team who will be happy to help.

Here are some of the extra services we provide:

  • A personal password for appointments to protect against bogus callers.
  • A Heat Bill nominee, who can manage your account on your behalf. Your heating bills can be sent to the address of a named individual (friend, relative or carer). You can also give us permission to call them on your behalf over the phone.

We’ll make every reasonable effort to ensure your bills are clear, with optional changes such as:

  • Providing bills in a larger font size.
  • Sending bills in braille.
  • Sending bills in different languages.
  • Arranging to send a bill, or a copy, to someone else, such as a carer.

We’ll never suspend our heat supply in winter to any property where the customer is registered on our Priority Services Register, or if we have reason to believe that occupant is in a vulnerable situation.